Private Investigator with <15 years continued licensure CE Course

RULE §35.161(e)  Continuing Education

Annual required continuing education course

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Private Investigator with less than 15 years of continued licensure CE Course

RULE §35.161  Continuing Education Requirements

(a) An application to renew an individual license may not be submitted until the required minimum hours of department approved continuing education credits have been earned in accordance with the Act and this chapter. Proof of the required continuing education must be maintained by the employer and contained in the employee’s personnel file. All individual licensees shall indicate they have completed the required minimum hours of department approved continuing education credits on their application for renewal.

(e) Private investigators with less than fifteen (15) years of continued licensure as a private investigator shall complete a total of eighteen (18) hours of continuing education, fourteen (14) of which must relate to investigations, two (2) hours of which must cover ethics, and two (2) hours of which must involve the review of the Act and the rules of this chapter.

(f) Any individual licensed as a private investigator who fails to complete the required continuing education during the twenty-four (24) months of initial licensure is not eligible to make a new or renewal application until such time as the training requirement for the previous licensure period has been satisfied.

(m) Attendees of continuing education courses shall maintain certificates of completion furnished by the school director in their files for a period of two (2) years. Attendees shall furnish the department with copies of all certificates of completion upon request.

(n) Continuing education courses are only valid if completed within the two year period preceding the license’s current expiration date.

Source Note: The provisions of this §35.161 adopted to be effective May 6, 2014, 39 TexReg 3610; amended to be effective March 15, 2018, 43 TexReg 1445; amended to be effective December 29, 2019, 44 TexReg 8035; amended to be effective January 10, 2022, 47 TexReg 33


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