Texas Private Security – Level II (Non-Commissioned)

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This course is designed for the non-commissioned security officer.  This is a guard who does not carry a firearm while on duty.

A person acts as a guard company for the purposes of this chapter if the person employs an individual described by Section 1702.323(d) or engages in the business of or undertakes to provide a private watchman, guard, or street patrol service on a contractual basis for another person to:

(1) prevent entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, fire, or trespass on private property;

(2) prevent, observe, or detect unauthorized activity on private property;

(3) control, regulate, or direct the movement of the public, whether by vehicle or otherwise, only to the extent and for the time directly and specifically required to ensure the protection of property;

(4) protect an individual from bodily harm including through the use of a personal protection officer; or

(5) perform a function similar to a function listed in this section.

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