Texas Private Security – Level III (Commissioned)

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The basic training course established under this section must consist of a minimum of 30 hours.  The general security officer training portion of the course must include instruction on:

(1) applicable rules and state laws;

(2) field note taking and report writing; and

(3) any other topics of security officer training curriculum the department considers necessary.

The handgun proficiency course must include at least 10 hours and not more than 15 hours of instruction on:

(1) the laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force;

(2) handgun use, proficiency, and safety;

(3) nonviolent dispute resolution; and

(4) proper storage practices for handguns, with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

The range instruction on handgun proficiency must include an actual demonstration by the applicant of the applicant’s ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun. The applicant must demonstrate, at a minimum, the degree of proficiency that is required to effectively operate a 9-millimeter or .38-caliber handgun.

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